Second Runner-Up at BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2011 as Best Adobe Flash®/AIR app (EMEA region)


SVIT is an EPUB ebook reader for BlackBerry PlayBook with bookshelf of the best classic ebooks gives you literary pleasure of reading throughout the whole year.


This application reads non-DRM digital ebooks in the EPUB format and comes with 97 preloaded top read ebooks.

It has the following functionalities:

  • outlook and page turning as in Kobo or Kindle,
  • sorting ebooks by titles and author,
  • page turning also with tapping,
  • very fast page turning (the complete book is read and rendered during loading),
  • landscape and portrait orientation mode with auto-rotate functionality,
  • images appearing as thumbnails,
  • customizable fonts,
  • memorizing the current page,
  • go to page using slider,
  • file browse mode to support folders,
  • different background colors,
  • highlights,
  • simple search,
  • bookmarks, and
  • follow-my-finger.

The SVIT Ebook Reader also connects to the PROJECT GUTENBERG sites where one can search among 36,000 FREE high quality ebooks, download them, and read them offline. One can also read their own collections of digital non-DRM EPUB ebooks.



For more details, see instructions below.


1. First launch

When launching SVIT for the first time, the user must allow file access.


After the user accepts the end-user licence agreement, the application copies all free ebooks into the booksfolder.

2. Changing application permission

If the user refuses to allow file access, the permission must be given manually. On the PlayBook’s Option screen, tap on Security and Application Permissions.

perm1Then tap on the SVIT application icon.

perm2Switch file permission to Allowed.


3. Main screen

The main screen is divided into three areas: upper area with system options, middle area with a list of titles, and lower area to manipulate with digital books.


To open the ebook of choice, tap on it.

3.1 Refresh list

When adding new ebooks into the currently used folder (e.g., through a USB cable), tap on the Refresh listbutton to update the list of titles.

3.2 Project Gutenberg

To open a dialog with the web sites offering free digital ebooks, tap on the Proj. Gutenberg button.

3.3 Move to Books

When you download ebooks from the Internet, the browser stores them into the Download folder. By tapping on the Move to Books button, the application moves them into the Books folder and refreshes the list of titles.

3.4 Donate to Project Gutenberg

By tapping on the Donate to PG button, you can donate to Project Gutenberg.

3.5 Get preloaded books

By tapping on the Get preloaded books button, you can extract 102 free ebooks that come with Svit into the Books folder. This is automatically done at the first launch. While each update brings additional ebooks, you can get them by tapping on this button.

3.6 Open last book

To open the last book read, tap on the Open last book button.

3.7 List of Titles / List of Authors

Tap on the header list button to toggle between sorting by titles and sorting by authors.

4. Reader screen

The screen is divided into multiple areas:
• upper area showing book title,
• upper right area showing bookmark,
• bottom area showing book page percentage, page position and word position,
• left and right area for Follow my Finger, and
• central area showing book content.


Multiple actions can be performed on this screen.

4.1 Next page

To move to the next page, tap on the Next page icon or swipe to the left inside the content area.

4.2 Previous page

To move to the previous page, tap on the Previous page icon or swipe to the right inside the content area.


4.3 Page slider

The page slider is activated by tapping on the bottom area. Move the slider to jump to specific page. Tap on the book content area to hide the slider.


4.4 Follow my Finger

To show the Follow my Finger line, tap and hold on the left or right screen area. By moving the line, the user can read the content easier. Move your finger to the bezel to lock the Follow my Finger line.


4.5 Highlighting

To highlight a word, tap on the specific word. Repeat to undo.


4.6 Creating or deleting bookmark

To create a bookmark, tap on the upper right corner of the screen. To delete the bookmark, tap again.


4.7 Image viewing

To view an image, tap on IMAGE (TAP TO OPEN) tag. To close the image, tap outside of the viewer.

5. Menu

Swipe down from the bezel to show a menu.



To hide a menu, tap on the content area

5.1 Font name

To change the font, tap on the Font name button. In the font dialog, select a font and tap on the OK button.


5.2 Font size

The application comes with five font sizes: XS (extra small), S (small), M (medium), L (large), and XL (extra large).

5.3 Night mode

To switch to the night mode (white fonts on black background), tap on the Night mode button.

5.4 Background color

In the day mode, the user can choose among four background colors.

5.5 Jump to bookmark

Tap on the Bookmark button to open a dialog with all bookmarks.


Select a bookmark and tap on the OK button to jump to the selected bookmark.

5.6 Search word

Tap on the Search button to open a search dialog. After entering the desired word (simple search), tap on theSearch button.

5.7 Reset bookmarks and highlights

Tap on the Reset button to reset the book’s bookmarks and highlights.